How To Make A Librarian In Minecraft

Hey fellow Minecrafters! Today, I want to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to create a librarian in Minecraft. Trust me, having a librarian in your world is a game-changer! Not only will they trade valuable items, but they can also provide you with enchanted books and other rare goodies.

Now, before we dive into the process, let me just say that creating a librarian isn’t as straightforward as building a simple structure. It requires a bit of planning and luck, but I’m here to guide you through it.

Step 1: Locate a Village

The first step is to find a village in your Minecraft world. Villages usually spawn randomly in different biomes, so you might need to do some exploring to discover one. Keep an eye out for the village houses as one of them will eventually house your librarian.

Step 2: Identify the Librarian House

Once you’ve located a village, it’s time to find the house that will become your librarian’s new home. Look for a building with bookshelves inside. This is usually the library or the mage’s tower. The librarian will spawn here, so make sure the building is intact and doesn’t have any damage.

Step 3: Secure the Area

Now that you’ve found the librarian’s house, it’s important to secure the area to ensure their safety. Build fences around the house or place torches to ward off any unwanted mobs. You want your librarian to feel safe and protected in their new environment.

Step 4: Lure a Villager

Next, you’ll need to lure a villager to the librarian’s house. One way to do this is by transporting a villager from another village using a minecart or a boat. If you can’t find a villager nearby, you can also cure a zombie villager with a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness. Once cured, they will transform into a regular villager.

Step 5: Give the Villager a Profession

Now that you have a villager near the librarian’s house, it’s time to give them the librarian profession. To do this, place a lectern inside the house and right-click on it. The villager will then take on the librarian profession, complete with the corresponding outfit and trades.

Step 6: Trade with the Librarian

Once the villager has become a librarian, it’s time to start trading with them. Librarians have a variety of trades, including enchanted books, written books, and even name tags. Take advantage of these trades to acquire valuable items that will enhance your Minecraft experience.

Step 7: Expand and Upgrade

As your librarian gains more experience and you trade with them, their trade offers will improve. You can also create additional lecterns to attract more librarians to your village, each offering different trades. Expanding your librarian population will increase the variety of items you can acquire.


Creating a librarian in Minecraft is a fantastic way to access rare and valuable items. Whether you’re looking for enchanted books or unique items, having a librarian in your village is a game-changer. Remember to secure their house, lure a villager, and give them a profession to get started. Happy trading, fellow Minecrafters!